Reasons To Plan Ahead

Myth: “If I Plan Ahead, I will have to prepay”.

Fact: It does not cost anything to put your wishes and desires in writing with one of our Cremation Partners. Based on your circumstances, you may be given the option to prepay your cremation in advance. This is only an option.

•  Planning Ahead just makes sense because it can relieve undue stress and financial burden on your loved ones at the time of your death.
•  It gives you peace of mind knowing that others know your wishes and desires.
•  Your family will never 2nd guess themselves asking if they “did the right thing” for you.
•  You have the option of including loved ones in this decision-making process.
•  You have time to think. If someone dies today, the family will normally be making arrangements within 24 hours.
•  Take the time to personalize your service.
•  Planning before the need arises may keep your family from emotional overspending.

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