Our Pledge To You

•  This service is free.
•  No one will come to your home without your specific invitation.
•  Your questions can be answered over the phone or by email if you're more comfortable communicating in that fashion.
•  Your arrangements can be completed over the phone or email if you so choose.
•  Your arrangements are placed on file for free and can be transferred at anytime if you relocate.
•  You will receive a Free Cremation Planning Guide.

By completing our online request form, your private information is forwarded immediately to one of our partnering cremation provider’s serving your area. You will be contacted by phone or email within 24-36 hours. Please know that this is a FREE service and there is no purchase required prior to making your arrangements. Your questions can be answered over the phone or email. Once you submit your information, you will receive an immediate email reply which will include your Cremation Provider’s contact information. If you have an immediate need, you may use this contact information to call on them immediately and directly. If you are interested in having one of our Cremation Partners answer your questions, Click here.

We never share your information with anyone except the partnering Cremation Provider serving your community. Also, you will never be contacted by AtlantaCremation.com.